Killer Elite

Killer Elite Trailer

Props to Daniel Fitzgerald for this one – it was filmed here in Melbourne and apparently some scenes were shot near Daniel’s house, hence his interest.

In fact, not sure how this one slipped through my net, what with current All Action No Plot favourite Jason Statham heading up the cast! Based on The Feather Men, a 1991 novel by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and boasting a cast that also includes Robert de Niro no less, as well as Clive Owen, and a plot about members of the SAS on a mission to save one of their own, this promises to be an all action ‘classic’.

Plus, add in the fact that a lot of scenes were filmed right here in Melbourne, and my excitement levels couldn’t get much higher!

Killer Elite has a US Release date of 23rd September, but no confirmed Australian release date just yet. Stay posted to the All Action No Plot Movie Blog for the release date as soon as it happens.

Have a look at the latest trailer:


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