The All Action Hero Spotlight series

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you a new regular feature on the All Action No Plot Movie Blog. This new feature will be called the All Action Hero (or Heroine) Spotlight. and as the name suggests, will feature a different action hero or heroine each time. But rather than attempt to recreate another Wikipedia Bio of the actor’s life and times, we’ll be giving our own very specific All Action No Plot slant to the piece. There will also certainly be a focus on the more action-orientated entries into their back catalogue.

This is how Gary Liew – one of this blog’s regular contributors, and the writer of our very first spotlight – describes the All Action Hero Spotlight:

“In attempting to produce an article focusing entirely on one actor, it is often required for one to have a solid grasp and understanding of said actor’s personality and the familiar characteristics, nuances and versatility the actor or actress exhibits in their work.

It is important to take into account their personal interests in the art form as well as their strengths and weaknesses in their performances. Not to mention acquiring a strong knowledge of the actor/ actresses’ filmography in order to make a fair dissection and dissemination of their craftsmanship, which is a monumental task considering the number of roles they have inhabited in the vast catalogue of films they have accrued over their lifetime.

However, being that this is the All Action, No Plot Movie Blog, I’ll attempt to do the subject of our All Action Hero Spotlight as much justice as I can, and much of my thesis will be directed at the actor/ actresses’ foray into the action genre, and how they have sustained the bankability of being an action star in honour of their tent-pole releases rolling out over the coming months.”

So, from established old-school action heroes like Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone and Arnie Schwarzenegger, to today’s stars such as Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Jet Li, we’ll try to bring you those actors who love a lot of action in their movies, and not a lot of plot…


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