the expendables

Chuck Norris, Travolta and Van Damme join cast for The Expendables 2?

Lol, isn’t the headline above every action movie fan’s biggest wet dream? Sure, a lot of it’s all rumours at the moment, but can you imagine if it actually happened?

I’m still chuckling and shaking my head at the thought of Norris, Travolta and Van Damme joining… wait for it,  Jason Statham, Sly Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lungdren, Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture, Terry Crews and Steve Austin for the upcoming action-orgy. Not to mention more fleshed-out roles for Bruce Willis (as the main villain in the sequel) and none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger! Shooting for The Expendables 2 apparently starts this September in Bulgaria.

What more can you ask for? Except a release date? 17th August  2012 for US/UK, how about that?


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