Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Ok, so there’s no doubt that re-booting a movie franchise can really work if done well. You need look no further than Christopher Nolan’s Batman re-imagining to see that. And obviously Sony are thinking along the same lines with The Amazing Spiderman – whether or not that re-boot will work is another matter entirely.

But Superman? Haven’t they already just re-booted that? Or was Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns just a sequel? I’m confused… Either way, Superman does indeed return to the big screen in 2013 in Man of Steel.

Admittedly, news on Man of Steel isn’t exactly new, and what I’m about to tell you isn’t exactly ‘hot off the press’, but I know there are plenty if Superman fans out there who won’t mind if I recap what is the go with what will be a potentially massive blockbuster.

The biggest fact you need to know is that Henry Cavill will play Superman. British actor Cavill may not be that well-known to many of you unless you’ve been following The Tudors on TV (he’s King Henry’s good-looking best mate), but he’s about to appear as the lead in the upcoming Immortals, so his star is definitely on the rise. Of course, there’s the customary whingeing and complaining by some US movie fans at the fact that a Brit is playing such an iconic ‘American’ character, but let me just say that firstly, Superman isn’t exactly American being that he is in fact an alien (and hasn’t he just given up his US citizenship in the comic books?), and secondly, no-one complained when fellow Brit Christian Bale gave Batman a much-needed kick up the ass that any number of US citizens Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney (I mean, Clooney as Batman – seriously?) failed to do.

Of course, the other important thing you need to know us that Zack Snyder is in the directors chair for this one. An interesting choice, and one I think will split opinion. I’m a huge fan if 300 and even Sucker Punch, but even I’m not sure if he’s the right fit to re-launch the Superman franchise. Time will tell, eh? For now, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

One piece of great news however, is that General Zod will feature, and being that Superman 2 was easily the best of the original sequence, I for one am excited about this news. Again though the choice of journeyman actor Michael Shannon to take on the role made famous by British legend Terrence Stamp, does leave me scratching my head a little.

Other cast includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. There is also a rumour that Russell Crowe will play Jor-El, but we’ll see about that one…

Man of Steel has started shooting in Illinois, and is due for release in June 2013.


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