resident evil

Resident Evil: Retribution

Details are still a bit thin on the ground for this one, but I’ll give you what I have…

The word is that Paul WS Anderson will return to direct this one (he directed the first and the fourth installments), and Milla Jovovich will reprise her role once again as Alice. Now, where it does get a bit confusing is in the rumour that Sienna Guillory would return as Jill Valentine – other unconfirmed sources have this character being recast. I’ve also seen reports of Ali Larter returning as Claire Redfield, but since this one is supposed to be a prequel, I very much doubt that.

So, yes its going to be a prequel. What, no re-boot? Surely its about time for a re-imagining of the entire series? Lol. Personally, I love the Resident Evil movies and am very excited about it returning. The All Action No Plot Movie Club went to see Resident Evil: Afterlife not that long ago, and as preparation for it I sat through the first three movies in the series on consecutive nights. And loved it! It was like my own little Resident Evil mini-series.

More details to follow when I get them. Filming is set to begin apparently this October in Toronto and Tokyo. Resident Evil: Retribution is pencilled in to open in the UK and US on 14 September 2012, so still a way to go yet.


3 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Retribution”

  1. I have never been a fan of the Resident Evil films, not even on the it’s-so-bad-it’s-good level because A) they are atrocious and B) I am a die-hard fan of the games, so it sickens me that Paul W. S. Anderson continues to have free-reign over the franchise.

    But I do admit that Sienna Guillory is pretty spot-on as Jill Valentine, and made the 2nd film slightly tolerable. The one thing that got me somewhat interested again was the idea that she was coming back for the 5th iteration when they teased her in the end-credits of Afterlife. I hope she doesn’t get replaced, if the rumours are true.

    But of all the franchises that’s being rebooted, this one needs it the most. It’s fully run it’s course, and needs new blood. (pun intended)

  2. Aww Gary, the Resident Evil movies are awesome! Great fun, lol.

    And that coming from an original Resident Evil gamer back on the Playstation (long before it was ever renamed PS One)! That moment at the beginning when the bloody dogs jump through the window… will never forget that!

    1. Ha ha I remember that 🙂

      You mean in RE2 when the dog jumps through the mirror in the interrogation room in Raccoon Police Department? That was scary as shit.

      I do enjoy the newer iterations RE4 and RE5 and would love to see the filmmakers take some cues from the fourth one for the film adaptations.

      I’m just tired of the series in general. Would love to see someone else’s take on it.

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