Game of Thrones Season 2, all the new cast members: Part 1

The filming for the new season of Game of Thrones continues in Northern Ireland, Croatia and Iceland, and there’s not yet an official release date, but all the new cast members have now been confirmed.

Most of you may know all these already, but I thought it would be a good time to round-up all the casting announcements that have been made over the last couple of months.

And what better place to start than with the first of the casting decisions made… Stannis Baratheon, and the other members of his story arc…

Stannis Baratheon : Stephen Dillane

Probabably the most important new character in the new season will be played by British actor Stephen Dillane. A veteran of British stage, Dillane has played numerous smaller roles on British TV and in several Hollywood movies. I most liked him in the recent British gangster movie 44 Inch Chest. An excellent choice.

Davos Seaworth, aka the Onion Knight : Liam Cunningham

Stannis’ right hand man, the dependable Onion Knight will be portrayed by Irish veteran Liam Cunningham. Cunningham’s been around a while, and the chances are you’ve seen his face. Has played roles in a lot of big budget movies, such as Clash of the Titans, Centurion and Dog Soldiers, as well as many roles in British TV.

Melisandre of Asshai : Carice van Houten

The infamous Melisandre of Asshai will be played by Dutch actress Carice van Houten. Melisandre is a priestess of R’hllor in service to Stannis Baratheon. Van Houten is more well known in Dutch cinema, but has had roles in several high profile movies such as Valkyrie, Repo Men and Black Death.

Matthos Seaworth : Kerr Logan

First-timer Kerr Logan is from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and will play the third son of Davos Seaworth’s in this his first TV role. It’s believed that the character will receive more airtime in the TV show than he did in the books.

Maester Cressen : Oliver Ford Davies

The Maester of House Baratheon, Cressen is far from overjoyed when Melissandre shows up. He’ll be played by yet another British stage veteran Oliver Ford Davies. He’s been in countless TV shows over the years, but is probably best know for a fairly small role in each of the Star Wars prequels.

That’s all for Stannis and his entourage. In Part 2 I’ll take you north of the wall with Craster, Gilly, Ygritte, Qhorin Halfhand and Dolorous Edd…


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