Game of Thrones Season 2, all the new cast members: Part 2, North of the Wall

My last Game of Thrones post covered all the new cast members who would be playing the characters in House Baratheon. With Part 2 I am going to cover all those from North of the Wall, covering Crows and Wildlings both. Starting with…

Craster : Robert Pugh

Welshman Robert Pugh is another British TV and movie veteran who has had roles in everything from Doctor Who to Silent Witness, from The Lakes to Shameless. He’s also played parts in major Hollywood movies such as Master and Commander, Robin Hood, Kingdom of Heaven and The Ghost Writer. In Game of Thrones he plays the infamous Craster, a wildling whose father had originally been in the Night’s Watch. He is the father/husband to Gilly and nineteen other wives (or daughters), and an all-round mean old bastard.

Gilly : Hannah Murray

Craster’s daughter Gilly will be played by Hannah Murray. Hannah is a young English actress best known for playing Cassie Ainsworth in the UK series Skins on E4.

Ygritte : Rose Leslie

Ygritte is famously described as “kissed by fire”, as much for her fiery temper as her flaming shock of red hair. She’s a Wildling, part of a raiding party that encounters Jon Snow and Qhorin Halfhand. She will be portrayed by Rose Leslie, a young Scottish actress most famous for playing housemaid Gwen in the first season of Downton Abbey.

Qhorin Halfhand : Simon Armstrong

The Halfhand is a firm fan favourite in the books, and everyone seems content with the casting of suitably grizzled Simon Armstrong as the Night’s Watch Ranger from the Shadow Tower. Armstrong is perhaps not particularly well known, unless yet again you’re a fan of the British stage, in which case you’ll have seen him in lots if productions. On the big screen he’ll appear in Killer Elite alongside Jason Statham and Clive Owen.

“Dolorous Edd” Tollett : Ben Crompton

“Dolorous Edd”, a black brother of the Night’s Watch is most famous for his droll and sarcastic humour, and has always been a favourite of the fans. He will be portrayed by Englishman Ben Crompton, most well-known for his role in the BBC comedy Man Stroke Woman, and has appeared in small roles in numerous British TV shows such as Clocking Off, Silent Witness and Midsomer Murders.


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