Official Bond 23/Skyfall Press Conference

Ok, so Bond 23 is now officially called Skyfall. You’ve probably all already heard some news about the Bond 23/Skyfall press conference that was held in London on Friday, and many of you will have already seen at least some part of it. But have you seen the whole thing, all 28 minutes of it? No? Well, before you do take a look, here our some of the more important facts that were revealed during the conference…

– Skyfall will open in the UK on October 26 2012, the 50th Anniversary of the release of Dr. No, the very first Bond movie
– the movie will be filmed in London, Shanghai (and other parts of China), Istanbul (and other parts of Turkey), and ummm…. Scotland
– Sam Mendes will direct
– Judi Dench will return as M
– Albert Finney is definitely on board, but no word yet on who he will play
– Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem have been cast as the villains
– French actress Berenice Marlohe will be the new Bond girl (rumored to be a villain)
– Naomie Harris will play an MI6 agent called Eve. Rumors are still circulating that somehow this character will ‘become’ Moneypenny in the movie, but I’m not convinced by this

Anyway, have a look for yourself. Thanks of course to for posting the entire press conference – great job by them!


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