Another trailer? How about Wrath of the Titans…

Will we ever tire of movies about Greek mythology? Of Gods and Titans? Of Perseus, Theseus? Of Tartarus, the Underworld and winged horses? Nah, never… 
Having been thoroughly entertained by The Immortals, we can now look forward to seeing Zeus again (in the guise of Liam Neeson this time, not Luke Evans), plus the Titans of course. The hero may be Sam Worthington in this one and not Henry Cavill, but hey they don’t look that different…  
Anyway, the first trailer has been released for the sequel to last year’s Clash of the Titans, and to be fair it does look pretty good. Sure, looks a lot like the original, but there’s plenty of action, plenty of monsters and of course, a frigging giant Cyclops!  
The cyclops really takes me back to the Sunday matinee movies of my youth when my favorite movies were those ones with Ray Harryhausen monsters in them, like the Sinbad movies, Jason and the Argonauts and of course, the original Clash of the Titans.  
You all know that I don’t demand much from my movies these days – I wouldn’t run a movie club The All Action No Plot Movie Club and write a movie blog called The All Action No Plot Movie blog if I wanted to see an Oscar-winning performance every time, now would I? Give me a giant cyclops, dragon, dinosaur or alien and I’m happy…  
Can’t wait to be honest. checkout the trailer…  
Wrath of the Titans will hit screens in Australia on the 29th March 2012, and the UK and US on the 30th March. not far away really!


One thought on “Another trailer? How about Wrath of the Titans…”

  1. Didn’t particularly love Clash of the Titans but it should be entertaining & perfect for the group and I love the trailer soundtrack 🙂
    Hopefully the actual soundtrack will be this good

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