Australian release date for The Dark Knight Rises

Australia will see Christopher Nolan’s third movie in his Batman series – The Dark Knight Rises – a day before the rest of the world.

Taking advantage of its geographical location, Australians (along with our brothers in New Zealand) will be able to catch the highly anticipated blockbuster on July 19th. The US and the UK will have to wait until the 20th July before getting their chance.

Not only is that great news, but the icing on the cake is that IMAX will be screening the movie from the 19th also, so you can watch it on seven stores screens as well. Coupled with the fact that IMAX will be showing some 50 minutes of special IMAX-shot footage (the movies predecessor The Dark Knight had roughly half the amount), and the news couldn’t get any better. That’s 50 mins of 70mm film! And no 3D in sight.

2 thoughts on “Australian release date for The Dark Knight Rises”

    1. Fair call Josh, but if I was too strict to the name of the blog I would have a repertoire which consisted of The Expendables, The A-Team, Battleship and Skyline!

      And besides, how can any movie blog out there not be talking about The Dark Knight! 🙂

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