Teaser trailer and release dates for Total Recall

According to this teaser trailer, the world premiere of the new Total Recall trailer will launch on Sunday.

It’s all very bombastic and hyped-up. One wonders what might have become John Carter with this sort of build-up…

The teaser gives little away, but does look pretty impressive, and I for one am looking forward to Sunday’s premiere.

With a hugely impressive cast which includes Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jesssica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy, Ethan Hawke and John Cho, Total Recall should be a hit. Sure, it might have Underworld helmer Len Wiseman in charge (hence Kate’s presence of course), but to be fair he’s not that bad, and it’s a cracker of a story, so my hopes are high.

Check out the teaser trailer…

Total Recall is due for release in the US on the 3rd August 2012, the UK on the 22nd August, but want reach Australia until the 6th September.



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