Positive early signs from the world première of The Avengers

Yes, the world première of the Avengers has just screened in LA, and whilst currently there is a ban on all ‘proper’ reviews, already Twitter is abuzz with tweets from those who attended.

Thanks to /Film (who actually attended the premiere themselves), we’ve been able to get some clues as to what we might expect in a couple of weeks. Amongst those tweeting were Seth Green and Edgar Wright, and the unanimous view was a very positive one.

Edgar Wright tweeted, “The Avengers’ is a big tub of popcorn heaven. A huge grin on my face throughout and much applause from the crowd too. Well done Mr. Whedon.”

Seth Green said, “So that was AMAZING. Like, double plus awesome. Thank you Joss Whedon for giving us all the #Avengers movie we deserve. #OnlyYou”

I’m pretty stoked about the response. Got my tickets booked for the opening night on the 25th April here in Melbourne. Can’t wait now.

Read the original article on /Film here.



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