Benedict Cumberbatch to play the villain in Star Trek sequel

Although Benedict Cumberbatch has already been confirmed for the villain in the as yet untitled Star Trek sequel, the latest rumor according to Collider and Trekmovie actually names what villain he’ll play.

If you don’t want the spoiler, read no further than this…

Ok, so you’ve made it thus far. So, now for the spoiler – Cumberbatch is rumored to be playing the legendary Khan (yes as in from the original Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan). Impressed?

Thoughts? Good casting choice? Cumberbatch is an excellent actor whose star is certainly on the rise.

J.J.Abrams will direct once again, and all the original cast are all due to return, including Leonard Nimoy as ‘old’ Spock.

Again, according to Collider, it’s “on schedule to finish up shoots in Northern California, having wrapped in Southern California and on stages.”

Star Trek 2 has been loosely pencilled in for a release date of May 17th 2013 in the US and UK. So a bit to go yet.



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