The Amazing Spiderman, new trailer and release dates

I must confess, I’m still not completely sold on the new Spiderman ‘re-boot’.

Like a lot of you out there I was initially confused as to why the series needed a reboot in the first place. To be honest I’m still a bit confused. And the previous trailer didn’t convince me.

Enter the latest trailer. To be fair, this one impresses me more. If only for lots of scenes with Rhys Ifans as The Lizard. Still not sold on Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, but I think Ifans can possibly lift the movie.

Am I being a bit harsh? Any Spidey fans out there? Tell me what you think…

The Amazing Spiderman has a release date of 3rd July 2012 for Canada and the US, and a release date of the 4th July 2012 for the UK and Australia.



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