Skyfall trailer and release dates

We’re still five months out from Bond 23 and the first teaser trailer is already upon us.

The great news is, the trailer doesn’t disappoint. In fact it’s a cracker, and it looks like it’ll put Bond back on top after the stumble (in my opinion) that was Quantum of Solace.

With The Bourne Legacy on the way, this latest Bond needs to be on top of his game, and I’m impressed enough by the trailer to be reassured.

We see plenty of Daniel Craig as Bond of course, plus glimpses of Judi Dench as M and Ralph Fiennes as what looks like a British Government official. There’s also a shaggy-haired figure silhouetted against flames who must surely be Javier Bardem.

Excited? Check out the trailer.

Skyfall has a typically early release date for the UK (they always get Bond movies first, of course) of the 26th October 2012, whilst Canada and the US have a release date of the 9th November 2012. Australia lags behind with a 22nd November 2012 release date.


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