Game of Thrones Season 3, official release date and new cast members

San Diego's Comic Con has come up trumps yet again, this time with the new season of Game of Thrones.

Not only did they have a great panel turn up, including George RR Martin himself, but we now have an official release date and a whole slew of casting announcements.

First up, its been officially confirmed that Season 3 will air on HBO on March 31st 2013. Not too much of a surprise considering last season premiered on April 1st, but great news all the same.

Secondly, a huge list of casting announcements. I think I'll have to split this over a couple of blog posts to make sure I cover everyone.

This first set is easy, since HBO have been kind enough to make a little announcement trailer…

Mackenzie Crook, Paul Kaye and Diana Rigg!? Exciting times!

Stay posted for my next post with the remainder of the new characters for Season 3, and don't worry, there are still a few gems left to announce..l



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