Man of Steel Official Trailer

For many of us who've grown up with the Man of Steel on our big screens the character of Superman is an icon, from the very first time Christopher Reeve donned the famous blue and red pajamas back in 1978.

Superman is arguably the most iconic superhero there is, perhaps even more so than Batman or Spiderman. I've never been his biggest fan personally, but I'm getting excited about this one.

After a miserable attempt in 2006 by Bryan Singer to bring the franchise back with a “sort-of-sequel” (no offence Bryan, love you work normally, but…), we now get Zack Snyder (he of 300 and Watchmen fame) bringing a reboot in 2013.

With the soon to be huge Henry Cavill taking the lead, and a much “grittier” style (a la The Dark Knight of course), this promises to be huge….

two new trailers have been released. Well, it's the same trailer with two different voiceovers – the first with Russell Crowe narrating as Jor-El, and the second with Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent…

Man of Steel has a release date of the 13th June 2013 in Australia, and a release date of the 14th June for the US and UK. No release date is yet available for Canada.



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