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The Avengers: a review by The All Action No Plot Movie Club

Ok, The Avengers has just finished, and The All Action No Plot Movie Club has gathered in the local pub to discuss and review, just for you…

Sarah Bricknall, “Who doesn’t love an action movie where the entire movie theatre is laughing! If you miss it, you’ll miss out on a fantastic movie!”

Chris Halton, “Very funny! Black Widow knows how to manipulate men!”

Johnny Wilkinson, “Edgar Wright was correct, I spent most of the movie with a big smile on my face.”

Peter Wreford, “As good as the X-Men which was awesome! Funnier than I expected.”

Chee-Yan Hiew, “I thought there were some nice comedic touches in there, especially when the guy was caught playing Galaga.”

Michelle Good-Times, “The Hulk is the best! Hulk Smaash!”

Hope that helps? Still wanna go and see it? Feel free to add your comments below.